Tuesday 23rd May 2017

25th May 2017 : Ascension Day

19:30 : Ascension Day Service

Welcomers: Sylvia Marshall, Diane Myers

28th May 2017 : Sunday after Ascension

11:00 : Sung Eucharist
Reader: Simon Barrans : Acts 1:6-14, 1 Peter 4:12-14; 5:6-11, John 17:1-11
Intercessor: Sally Hobson
Welcomers: Diane Myers, Janet Abbott
Flowers: arr. Muriel Hirst
Coffee: Sue Thomson, Sandra Cowie, Allison Coventry

4th June 2017 : Pentecost

11:00 : Pentecost Praise

Welcomers: Janet Abbott, Kirsty Miller
Flowers: arr. Ailsa Brooke
Coffee: Julia & Adam Nelson

11th June 2017 : Trinity Sunday

11:00 : Matins
Reader: Diana Earnshaw, David Kaye : Genesis 1:1-2:4a or Isaiah 40:12-17,27-31, 2 Corinthians 13:11-13, Matthew 28:16-20
Intercessor: Kirsty Miller
Welcomers: Kirsty Miller, Claire Kaye
Flowers: arr. Sylvia Marshall

18th June 2017 : First Sunday after Trinity

11:00 : Family Service

Welcomers: Claire Kaye, Howitt Family
Flowers: arr. Sue Ellam
Coffee: Sue Thomsaon, Sandra Cowie, Allison Coventry

25th June 2017 : Second Suinday after Trinity

11:00 : Sung Eucharist
Reader: Allison Coventry : Genesis 21:8-21, Romans 6:1b-11, Matthew 10:24-39
Intercessor: Kay Valentine
Welcomers: Howitt Family, David Hobson
Flowers: Jane Rodgers arr. Kirsty Miller

2nd July 2017 : Third Sunday after Trinity

11:00 : Family Eucharist
Reader: Kirsty Miller : Genesis 22:1-14, Romans 6:12-23, Matthew 10:40-42
Intercessor: John Cullaigh
Flowers: Mary Reilly arr. Sarah Branson

9th July 2017 : Fourth Sunday after Trinity

11:00 : Junior Church Anniversary Service

Flowers: Diana Earnshaw arr. Muriel Hirst

16th July 2017 : Fifth Sunday after Trinity

11:00 : Matins
Reader: John Cullaigh, Sally Hobson : Genesis 25:19-34, Romans 8:1-11, Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23
Intercessor: Julia Nelson
Flowers: Chris Wilkinson arr. Ailsa Brooke

Please note that the readings given above are, in order, the set Old Testament reading, New Testament reading (epistle) and the Gospel.For Matins, the first reader reads the OT reading, the second (usually) the Gospel. For Eucharists, the reader (usually) reads the New Testament reading.These readings are subject to change by the minister.

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