Building Appeal

Those who attend Christ Church will know that although the building is, and has been for many years, loved and cared for, it is below modern standards in a number of ways. There is currently no disabled access to the gallery room, and toilet facilities are limited and exist only upstairs. Kitchen facilities are also restricted – there is a small but working kitchen off the gallery room, but in order to serve downstairs, crockery has to be carried down by hand.
The building is used not only by church members for services – it is used by other community groups too; its acoustics are good for concerts and the gallery room is good for parties and meetings. We would like to improve our facilities, both for our own purposes (after-service refreshments, for instance) but also to make it more acceptable for the other community events. Such improvements will not only bring us in line with current disability requirements, they will also enable the building to be used more often for community events. This will of course increase our footfall and ultimately generate more income which can be put towards our mission – including giving more to charitable causes.

We are currently in the planning stage, awaiting various permissions before proceeding, but we expect to be able to:

  • provide a kitchenette downstairs. This will allow refreshments to be served without having to carry boxes of crockery or containers of hot water up and down the stone stairs. This is a project within the appeal which we expect to cost around £2500
  • build an extension on the north west corner of the church, which will connect the two levels in the church, housing a lift, plus access toilets on both levels. This will satisfy disability regulations, and will also make the gallery room and the main part of the church to be separate functioning units, each able to be used by community groups. There will also be some storage space within the extension – also at a premium in church at the moment. We are planning an extension so as not to need to use valuable space within the church for the lift and toilets – there are many occasions when the church is filled, and needs that space. However this will be an expensive project, estimated at some £200,000.

We hope to be able to secure some grants for these works, however we will need to raise some of the funds ourselves, and therefore we would appreciate any donations that you can give us. We have set up a webpage using BT’s MyDonate system – BT runs MyDonate as their corporate contribution to charities, and they do not make any charge, so every penny you donate to us via MyDonate will come into our account. Moreover, you can GiftAid your donation (if you are a UK taxpayer, and have paid tax on the amount you are donating) and BT will reclaim that for us automatically. All gifts made via this page will be ring-fenced for the Building Appeal.

You can donate using BT’s MyDonate at

Many thanks for reading this and supporting us.