New Church Newsletter

Christ Church has published a magazine for many years – since January 1885 in fact – and this continues successfully. However, electronic communication is very much on the increase, and we intend to make use of this by publishing, on an occasional basis, a newsletter which will outline what we are planning over the next few months. This will complement both the magazine and this website, and the first edition has been prepared, and will be emailed during the next few days to those who are already on our email list.
If you are not already on this list, you can subscribe by filling in the form on the Church Newsletter page, on the Church Life menu choice above. If you are not sure whether you’re on or not, just fill the form in anyway – it will tell you if your email is already on the list, and give you the opportunity to check the details.
Once a newsletter has been emailed, it will be made available as a back issue on the webpage.